Our Advisory Team
Condomtrak is a company of built for enduring strength. Our advisors have been privileged to play a role in helping to positively impact the health and wellness of millions of people around the world. As technology has evolved, so have the solutions, and our advisory board has been on the frontline providing those solutions. Condomtrak’s advisory board is made up of leaders in technology, public health and finance. Together, we plan to disrupt, reshape and redefine what health and well-being means in everyday lives. Our service combines public and private innovation, experience and ideas to provide a great impact and better solutions to public health. Independently, the road may be arduous, but together we may chart a more effective course to public health.

Michelle Allen

Infectious Diseases Section Director, Georgia Department of Public Health

Bernadette Schumann

STD/HIV Program Supervisor, Guam Dept. of Public Health and Social Services

Natalie Cramer

Senior Director, Prevention/Care Program and Policy, NASTAD

S.Omar Eissa

Director – Investment Banking, BofA Merrill Lynch

Our ability to do great things with this data will make a real difference in creating positive health outcomes for the community.

– Jason Panda, Esq.

Dustin Earle

Corporate Partnerships, Lyft

David Roth

Senior Manager, Global Trade Policy, Amazon

Onimi Erekosima

Corporate Counsel, Salesforce

Jason Panda

Chief Executive Officer, B Holding Group