Let’s build the product distribution program of the future.

We’re on a mission to simplify the everyday lives of health workers. For far too long, you’ve lacked the necessary tools to properly track your impact. In the world of product distribution, it’s all sunshine until you’ve got to work through multiple excel spreadsheets, coordinate between numerous community partners, and see how much you have remaining to spend from your departmental budget. After that, the romance is gone, replaced with a never-ending cycle of coordinating calls and trying to gather enough information to get to the next quarter with a new cycle of headaches. We see a better way by empowering organizations to track their community distribution efforts at every step of the journey.



The most comprehensive product tracking software in the world.

We offer an enterprise SaaS platform to provide seamless insights into the products you distribute throughout the community. We work with organizations to capture more data and drive increased impact through resource sharing and data analytics. From effortless order, purchase and inventory tracking to customer care, our platform powers the complete cycle of the product distribution program across all touch points  Manufacturer, Product, Warehouse, Government, Community Partner and more.

By bringing together expertise in E-Commerce, Supply Chain, Customer Care, and Data Analytics, we empower organizations to deliver next generation product program tracking through a comprehensive, turnkey, and scalable platform.

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